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Social Value

Social value is defined through the Public Services (Social Value) Act (2013) which requires organisations and their suppliers to look beyond the financial cost of a contract to consider how the services they commission and procure can improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of an area.

The Alliance is bringing this type of added value to voluntary and community organisations, from the generosity of organisations offering a range of services, (pre-employment support, printing, fund writing, building materials and lots more) for public benefit.

We are working in partnership with Sunderland City Council to identify and develop opportunities to creatively use Social value opportunities to invest in community groups, local charities and social enterprises which will benefit local residents and Sunderland neighbourhoods. 

Offers can include materials, professional services, cash donations, and volunteering hours. 


All applicants must be a member of Sunderland Voluntary Sector Alliance. Please follow the link to complete your application form - Become a member - Sunderland Voluntary Sector Alliance (

(please email if you are interested in applying for one of these opportunities) 


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